Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Enhancing the Brain

An article in Nature touts the responsible use of brain-enhancing drugs. Anyone else enamored with the idea of transhumanism? Because this guy is.

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Peter H of Lebo said...

Good article, well thought-out, concise and interesting. The article brings up all my points, I am just stating my opinion. Distribution of new brain enhancing drugs outside the medical profession should continue to be banned. There should be steep punishment for illegal distribution, though jail time seems excessive. Brain enhancing drugs sold illegally do not come with all the available information. Without the information the drug(s) can seriously harm or kill the users. The average users is not going to search for the information. Therefore the the user should seek out the information and recommendations from the health profession. The problem with newly approved drugs is they have only been studied for specific purpose and usage. When that usage changes often the effect changes as well. Individual 'responsible use' of new drugs is near impossible because gaping holes in the information. Everyone knows that alcohol hurts the fetus, kills the liver, gives you a potbelly and makes you infinitely more charming and coherent. The medical profession and people however do not know if consuming Modafinil with anti-depressants causes epidermis to die.