Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pirates Episode IV: A New Hope

Let's face it, the Pirates had a terrible August. The Pirates entered Monday's series against the Cardinals with a 9-15 record for the month and five losses in six games.  They pretty much took themselves out of contention for the division championship, and were apparently letting the wildcard spot slip though their fingers.

But this last series with the Cards show that the Pirates still have some fight left.  After a heartbreaking opening loss 4-3 to the Cardinals on Monday, the Bucs cames back and trounced them 9-0 and 5-0.  Perhaps the best demonstration of Pirate moxie was Josh Harrison obliterating Yadier Molina on a collision at the plate in the Tuesday night game.  Harrison was out, but Molina left the game with back, neck and shoulder pain.   In the same game, the man of the hour, Pedro Alverez, El Toro, went 4 for 5, hitting two homeruns, blasting one out of the park in deep center and possibly into the Allegheny River. Alverez just for good measure hit another homerun in the Wednesday night game.

The two wins may end up meaning nothing, but hope springs eternal and they allow us to believe that all is possilbe and the Power of Zoltan may yet carry the Bucs into post-season play.  There are 32 games left in the season.  The Pirates need to win 12 of them for a winning season, to end the 20-year losing season streak.  The Pirates will probably need to win about 20 to make the play-offs.  May the power of Zoltan be with them.  

Update: sorry, as Jim points out, it has been 19 losing seasons. My error was in the math. I subtracted 1992 from 2012.

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19, Please we haven't a score, yet.