Tuesday, December 25, 2012

One of the more interesting gift catalogues we received

This is from Peter (not the founder of this blog, but the one with the same name), who  claims these are pages from a catalogue Lisa found while shopping in a discount mall. (Click on each image to view it full size.)


James R said...

I can't let this post of Peter's go by without expressing admiration.
"Can't remember where you put your wallet?" as incentive to snap up a $225,000,000.99 Dual-Flow Time Machine (AA batteries not incl.);
"Ethel I love you" graffiti;
a "Say goodbye to 'sticks and stones may break my bones…' gluten free, fully-ionized particle field" (with liquid cleaner)
and much, much more.

Our canon has been significantly expanded with this instant classic by Peter.

Big Myk said...

Yes, the post is a bit like the National Lampoon Yearbook: You keep discovering more things as you read it over. For example, I see noticed that we are given only two pages -- page 224 and 225 -- in an obviously much larger catalogue. We can only imagine what other treasures might be listed there. Invisiblilty paint? An intelligence enhancer helmet? A bilocation suit?