Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Original Shakespeare

Some highly unusual Shakespeare was performed at the O'Reilly Theater today. I joined Peter and Lisa and Martin in watching Liberty School participants compete for the grand Shakespearean prize of Pittsburgh. The star of the show was the precociously gifted Michael in the roll of Juliet in a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

We all know that originally Shakespearean females were played by males. Michael's group of four went one better. In true Shakespearean tradition all the sexes got mixed up. Juliet's tyrannical father was a suitably overbearing (on stage) girl to Michael's weeping Juliet. The father's wife and Juliet's maid were both males. Barely two words were out of Michael's mouth when one of the judges just lost it and let out a howl. I suspect this gang of four will be back for an encore. If Shakespeare has been fading lately in our culture, he just got a big boost.

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