Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankful for the most perfect food

With the advent of Thanksgiving and the culinary delights it brings (especially after a trying Mud Bowl game…What is it this year? MMMCMXCIX?), but even more importantly, an attempt to revive this blog from a vanity publisher back to an interactive communicative medium, I'd like pose a question to which you may respond in your own imaginative way.

What do you consider the most perfect food?

Wonderfully packaged, easily transportable, needs no refrigeration, healthy per doctors daily orders, initiated life as we know it, biodegradable, the perfect snack, juicy but no sticky fingers, fits in a batman lunch box, tastes as good as all heavenly knowledge could, initiates practically all alphabet picture books, and unlike money it grows on trees, I choose the apple. And I do, practically once a day. It's that good. I put stock in it.

(I'm sure you can do better.)


Big Myk said...

Maybe the kumquat is the most perfect food because it is the funniest name of a food, and in that way brings the most joy.

What other food could be substituted in this line:

― Tom Jones, The Fantasticks

Renée said...

An apple? That seems a little simple. In the spirit of the holiday season, I would have to say chocolate chip pecan pie is the most perfect food. While some may argue it isn't even food due the vast amount of high fructose corn syrup, it is still perfect.

James R said...

One perfect vote for humor regardless of taste, one for richness beyond the dreams of diabetics or preppies, one for simple wholesomeness, take the leap and add your choice.

Big Myk said...

One word: poutine.