Sunday, December 15, 2013

Poetry Sunday - Untitled

I wish we could find out who wrote this, but it at least deserves its own post. Great first submission.



Have you noticed I’m fading away?
Nobody there by the end of the day
Becoming transparent--from colors to grey.

I feel like I’m just about gone.
I may look like I’m here but I won’t be for long,
All that is left are the words to this song,

I feel that I may disappear.
You may not recall that I used to be here.
Used to be noticed by those far and near.
Loved and respected by those I held dear.

I may just dissolve into mist.
Remembered? Perhaps but maybe not missed.
I was somebody once who had fervently kissed
A warm willing mouth with moist luscious lips.

You may say, as I fade out of sight,
“Was someone here recently, maybe last night?
We can’t quite remember his bulk or his height
Or whether his hair was black, brown or white.,
But we seem to recall that he duly performed
All we expected so he could conform
To his place in the world without ever transforming
It however slight.”


James R said...

The more I read this the more I like it.

James R said...

Bill and I talked yesterday a bit about poetry how much time it takes to write a poem. I noted how much time I spend on each word in the revision process. Bill, satirically or not, had the idea of revising each letter by purposely misspelling words for greater meaning. So we may be in for some strange stuff.

I want to add just one little thing I like about this poem (among many). It may not be noticeable on first reading—that's not true. It is noticeable on first reading, but may not be recognized. And that is the use of the dactyl (opposite of anapest) foot.
"Have you noticed I'm fading away?" where the language fades away as it does for every line. Compare that to "You should but note I'll fade away."