Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some Philosophy Podcasts

Jim was a gracious host during my few days in Mt. Lebo last month, and between grocery shopping and travels around Pittsburgh we got to talking a bit about philosophy and online resources for its study. I'd promised to share some podcasts that I've found interesting, so I thought I'd post them here for those who might also be interested.

The first is the Partially Examined Life, which just posted an interview with Michael Sandel, the professor behind Harvard's popular "Justice" class, one that has been featured on this blog (I believe).

And the second is called Entitled Opinions with Robert Harrison, of the Italian Department at Stanford. He's a Dante scholar and, as best as I can tell, a kind of Catholic Heideggerian. I've especially enjoyed his interviews with Thomas Sheehan on the historical Jesus and on various continental philosophers. His favorite philosopher of the 20th Century: Hannah Arendt.

He also recently published a criticism of the culture of Silicon Valley in the New York Review of Books (low hanging fruit, but still a good read):

I'd be interested to hear of other resources visitors here have found interesting.


Mike (the younger)

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James R said...

I'd like to confirm the wonderfully interesting visit from Mike. I did start listening to his recommendations. I think I started with one from Entitled Opinion with Robert Harrison. For some reason I picked "Richard Kearney on 'God After God'". He is an intelligent and well spoken professor at B.C. I liked it a lot. Hopefully, this post will stir me to listen to some more. Actually, as I'm writing this comment I"m listening to The Partially Examined Life, episode 17 on Hume (although apparently this is a preview, not the full 2 hour (gasp) session.) I'm really enjoying this as well.