Tuesday, December 23, 2014

For your holiday/end of year discussions: Final Maps of 2014

My particular favorite, and the one that sums up the Ebola panic beautifully, is number 8.

14 Maps that Explain 2014

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James R said...

While certainly "14 Maps That Explain 2014" is interesting, I'm not sure they explain 2014. In this age of yearning for instant gratification, I was disappointed that I was not immediately aware of the truth of 2014 drought, the winter Olympics, the Crisis in the Ukraine, etc. Instead of all-explaining maps, they were more like political cartoons, presenting a point of view or a different way of looking. Quite interesting, but unfulfilling.

In addition I sought the maps that would really explain 2014. The map that plots the amount of evidence that a country is behind a terroristic cyber attack against the amount of monetary damage and hardship done to those attacked. (reminiscent of the quality of evidence of Iraq nuclear weapons and the monetary damage and hardship of the response)

Or for that matter, plot the percent of self-righteous surety of a person or country against the devastation they wrought upon others.

The number of PhD papers written on education plotted against learning improvements.

The percentage of people who think they are racially prejudice plotted against the percentage they feel are racially prejudice.

The number of hours spent on the pursuit of (one's own) happiness plotted against the real rise in one's happiness.