Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Beast of Turin

For all you car aficionados out there…hello?…Is there an echo in here?

Over 100 years ago in 1910-11, a car was built (two of them, actually) to break the land speed record. As in all times, bigger was better. It reached 135 mph, but failed to make the return trip needed for the record.
At the wheel was racing driver Arthur Duray. He reckoned that first and second gear were okay, that third gear called upon all of his experience as a racing driver and that fourth gear needed the courage of a hundred men!
(Turn the volume down before watching)

February, 2015, The Beast of Turin trailer:

March, 2015, The Beast of Turin returns:


Big Myk said...

I doubt that the Beast of Turin would meet US automobile emissions standards.

James R said...

It was allowed in the U.S., but only as a Monopoly player token.