Monday, February 23, 2009

More Family Pictures

Update: Jim brought to my attention that there maybe some confusion about the pictures. The pictures will not be posted on the blog, instead the link for pictures in the right column of the blog will contain a "last updated" date. The pictures are more accessible on the Picasa webpage versus the blog. This post with slide show intention was to alert people of the changes (links etc.) and where to look. In fact more pictures have already been posted (Christmas) on the Picasa. The slide show in the right column will stay, but posting will mainly be for writing. Family videos will continue to be added to the blog until I find a suitable alternative-Youtube and Veoh have copyright issues with the videos.

I changed to Google Picasa service-it has unlimited bandwidth a month so expect more pictures to be added in the coming days. Here is the album to view and download the pictures. Also a link is on the right column of the blog so people can quickly access the albums without searching for this post.

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James R Harvey said...

I vote for less pictures, more news and creative writing-like Pete's exposé of Kevin Mink and Tommy's delve into hallucinogenic time travel.