Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Answer Man:

I was referred to this site as having expertise with my particular problem as well as a concierge service known as Ask Answer Man. Here is my problem:

I'm currently playing in a Texas Hold 'em game with some friends. I've been doing well but this hand really has me stumped. I hold a suited 9-8. Remarkably, six players stayed with a $10 big blind and a $20 raise. The flop was Q-10-5. The queen and ten were hearts, the same as my 9 and 8. Betting was quite heavy and when the dust settled there were four players still in, and the pot was well over $1,000. The turn yielded a jack of hearts. Needless to say, my heart was pounding. After betting, the pot was pushed to $10k. The river was the king of hearts. There are two of us left.

Now, through the course of the game, I was able to mark each ace on the back and I know that my opponent, let's call him Fred, holds an ace. Silly me, but I didn't mark the suit. So it is possible he holds a royal flush to my straight flush.

Here is where it gets complicated. I've been dating Fred's daughter. I just learned she is pregnant. Without this pot there's no way I can support a wife. However, I know she would like a nice wedding which would be impossible if her dad loses the hand.

I faked an epileptic seizure and a medical response team has come to take me to the hospital. Everyone has agreed to keep the hand alive until either I die or return. (I'm currently sending this from my iPhone in the ambulance.) What should I do?

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Peter H of Lebo said...

Unfortunately, this answer is less about poker and more about your horrible character flaws, anonymous poker man. First and foremost supporting your girlfriend and future child by cheating in a high stakes poker game with friends and potential your future father-in-law is evidence enough that your child is screwed.

Also, faking a seizure to tie up hospital resources and personnel, not to mention that you are paying a $1,000 a year for your iphone even though you are tight on cash and a child coming illustrates that you will make a terrible father figure, which doesn't matter much because eventually you will get a bullet wild west style for marking cards.