Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whatever happened to Dave Barry?

Remember when we were in Chicago or Boston or Hohohocus, and every week was more or less milling around in anticipation for the next Dave Barry column? Whatever happened to Dave Barry?

Well…apparently, in a word…nothing. He is still writing for the Miami Herald, and he still is just as goofy and just as goofy looking. On the left is his current picture. 

Here, on the right, is his picture taken on the eve of the Civil War:

I discovered him again when I yearned to find out more about the only event I watched during the Olympics, Rhythmic Gymnastics. He covered the event beautifully

Here is his latest on the political conventions. As he implies, there is no point any longer in having these conventions. Thus, he adds weight to my contention that all institutions should be dissolved after 40 years. 

Yes, even those long standing churches. Religions are fine. Just get rid of the institutions, after all, in forty years they've received all their depreciation benefits. Just start new, more relevant ones. 

Oh, there's one exception to the forty year institution rule…Dave Barry.

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