Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

Who won the vice presidential debate?  Well, I didn't see it, so I can offer no first-hand account.  But, in order to find out, I checked Google and discovered that almost everybody won except either candidate.

According to CNN Politics, Martha Raddatz won.  Who won Thursday's debate? Martha Raddatz.  The Inquisitor agrees.  And The Winner Of The Vice Presidential Debate Is: Martha Raddatz

According to the Chicago Tribune, Obama won the debate.  Debate winner? Barack Obama

The Washington Post had many winners, but none were either of the actual candidates.  Its list of winners were (a) Joe Biden's last 15 minutes; (b) Martha Radditz; (c) political junkies; (d) party bases; (e) "My friend"; and (f) Chamillionaire.  Winners and losers in the vice presidential debate

According to Policymic, Joe Biden's teeth were the debate winner.  VP Debate Winner: Laughing Biden and His Teeth

And last but not least, another article from the Washington Post, the furniture won the debate.  VP debate winner: Furniture

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