Friday, August 9, 2013

Many have probably seen this Fox interview with Reza Aslan. While certainly not a flattering picture of Fox or the particular interviewer, a more recent article by Prof. Laconte from King's College in NYC, provide a far more nuanced (and perhaps damning, although that could be too harsh) review of Aslan's Jesus. As is true with all histories, we can often learn a lot more about present day conditions than we can ever know about the pasr


Big Myk said...

I've not read a single word of the book, but every review I've read pans it. They say its warmed over stuff with Aslan cherry picking the parts of scripture he likes and rejecting all others as later re-writes. Whoever Jesus was, I don't think that he was a first-century Che Guevara.

Had Fox news not attacked Aslan, it's quite possible that he wouldn't have made a dime on the book.

James R said...
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James R said...

The article was a decent read, I like Myk's last sentence, as do I like Ted's last sentence. The article asks, "why did a penniless, itinerant rabbi from a backwater district of the Roman Empire, executed in disgrace, exert such a powerful influence on Western civilization?" As Ted hints, part of the reason is that somehow, people find his life and teachings contrary to what they believe society is (currently) thinking and more in tune to what they are thinking, or so they perceive.