Thursday, November 13, 2014

How are you affected by Nightly News?

Here is a short, painless quiz about your perceptions of your country (if you click the U.S.). It's nothing earthshaking or traumatic, but just another reality check that we are often led slightly astray. I didn't do too badly except about the percentage of Americans over 65.


Big Myk said...

I took the quiz for Canada first and I got 4 of 9 right. I then took the US quiz and got 5 of 9 right.

James R said...

I had the advantage of not having a TV (hmm…I can't say that anymore). Like any test it was unfair. I received a full point off for missing average expected life span by 2 years (just one catastrophe an I'd be right!). However, in fairness, I should have received at least 2 points off for being so far off in percent of Americans over 65.