Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Reason to Write for the Blog: It's Good for You

Research has shown that writing and re-writing your personal story, which in slightly disguised ways is what we do with this blog, makes you a better person and increases your happiness.  See "Writing Your Way to Happiness."


James R said...

Please, please. For your own happiness, write something. Write your story.

I have two immediate thoughts about this post:
1. Without diversity in writing, this blog is a joke. We learn from being challenged. It's why Myk's favorite conversation partner at work is a staunch Republican. Write a story of yours, especially if your tired of seeing what you believe is the same drivel being posted on the blog. I wish we could get non-family members to write.

2. How we tell our stories, make us who we are. You want to find out who your are? Write a story. You may be surprised (pleasantly or not) at who you are. I can't recommend this podcast from This American Life enough, called, "How I Got Into College." The story by author Michael Lewis about Emir Kamenica is, as Ira says, is absolutely incredible. It is about a lot of things. Perhaps the most important is how you tell your story.

James R said...

For the grammar Nazis, I should have said "if you're tired" not "your".