Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Response to Comment in Prior Post (Because They Won't Let us Imbed in a Comment)

I'm guessing that you are referring to the song played at the opening and closing credits of Inside Man -- a Spike Lee project starring Clive Owen and Denzel Washington:

But the song is originally from a Bollywood Movie, Dil Se. The movie itself is actually pretty dopey, but the scene involving the song is crazy good.  It has nothing to do with the movie plot but is a dream sequence.  By the way, Spike Lee added horns at key places which were not in the original.


James R said...

I'n mot absolutely sure, but I don't think that is the one I was thinking of. Perhaps it's my remembering self not my actual self, but I remember more cross musical themes and drum beats. Perhaps the musicians were even shown in the opening sequence.

When you say "the movie itself is actually pretty dopey" do you mean Inside Man or Dil Se?

Big Myk said...

I meant Dil Se. I don't really recall much about Inside Man, but I recall thinking that it was a pretty good crime thriller.

I'm afraid that a lot of Bollywood is pretty dopey, with one huge exception: Lagaan.

James R said...

I had marked Inside Man with 4 stars on Netflix, so I must have liked it a lot. And since I did see it, it may have been the music I was thinking about, but I still don't think so.

The one, slightly Bollywood movie, that I thought was excellent, no, amazing, was Johnny Gaddaar.