Saturday, February 21, 2015

The new Coen Brothers

I'm posting this for Francis and Michael, two budding filmmakers. Keep in mind the set design, voice-over acting, camera technique, music, sound effects, and editing. Of course, don't forget the special effects from their own studio. (Best viewed in full screen.)

Here is a preliminary short:

Here is the main feature:


Renée said...

While rather violent and promoting questionable morals, the craftsmanship between this was great. My favorite part was sound effects and smoke creation.

James R said...

I also liked the gun reports. However, there was one sound effect missing, in my humble opinion. The final closing of the jail cell could have been enhanced with a resonant clang, signifying the end to the crime episode and the film.

My favorite scene, truly why these filmmakers are ones to watch, is where the two gates swing up, a couple of police vehicles exit, and then the camera lingers as the gates swing down. I loved that.