Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Gold Cookbook

I think that we forget how funny Dad was.

Probably the second most revered cookbook at home growing up was The Gold Cookbook by Louis P. De Gouy (behind only the Cadillac of the genre, the Fannie Farmer Cookbook).  To my memory, Dad had always prounonced the author's name as Louie de Gooey.  And, knowing no better as a young lad, I always thought that was the proper pronunciation.

I recently made some reference to Louis de Gouy to Sue, and she laughed and said there's nobody named "Louie de Gooey!"  I insisted that there was and lo and behold we found The Gold Cookbook online.  But, I'm sure that to no one's suprise, we also discovered that the pronounciuation to his last name was not Gooey, as appropriate as that name might be for a chef, but is pronounced "gwee."  (you could verify this with Kathleen).  Obviously, Dad preferred the Louie de Gooey pronunciation.

And, once the cookbook's instruction were carefully followed and dinner prepared, Dad  would  sit down and enjoy his meal, frequently accompanied by a glass of his favorite wine, Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Peuf.



James R said...

I hope Steve is reading as he has been zealous in his pursuit of family memories.

James R said...

Oh, I also wanted to say that this particular post (How could it be anything but Louie de Gooey?) is to memories as Peter's Earl Scheib is to Botticelli games.