Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another "Just Stand in Awe of My Power" video

I am almost never impressed with these. I know, the awesome music, the awesomeness of vastness beyond any human scale—what is wrong with me?

Well, for one, we've seen these since we were little kids. The universe hasn't grown much since when I saw my first space comparison in a children's book or saw my first TV video about the "billions and billions" of the immeasurable immensities of space. A nice reminder, but it should be commonplace by now.

For two, as impressive as the size increases are, there is actually more size decrease when you travel down in space to the smallest sizes. As usual we're just about in the middle. How boring.

And three. here's the text that typically goes along with these things:

"You want to talk about human insignificance? If Betelgeuse, one of the largest stars shown in the video, were in the Sun’s place, it would nearly reach the orbit of Jupiter, from which light takes 43 minutes (on average) to reach the Earth."

My response is, "You want to talk about insignificance? What would you choose to be or choose as more significant, Betelgeuse or a human?"

Maybe this is why I post these. Not because space seems so vast and we seem so insignificant. On the contrary—because space or Betelgeuse seem relatively insignificant compared to whomever wrote the music, made the video, and also had the humility to think they were insignificant.

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