Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The perfect penance for Lent

As I’ve mentioned many times, for me the main purpose of Lent is not prayer and fasting for our sins, nor sacrifice so that we may grow in virtue. (That was taken from The Catholic Company, “world’s #1 Catholic store”.) It is to change your normal routine, reminding us that God is surprise, and that we should be wary of staying comfortable. 

However, that attitude toward Lent is dwarfed by the penance meme. To support the majority (and allow me to change, staying uncomfortable), I have the perfect penance for Lent:
I have decided to post the poem, “An Enigma on Man” on the blog. What better time than Lent? Reading this will most likely void any purgatory time you may have. It is religious, as well as philosophic and scientific, but it is certainly not orthodox. I would not recommend reading for anyone under 21, or without a healthy, mature grasp of science and religion. Because it is not trivial in either length or depth, I will be posting one 2-page chapter at a time—once a week. Tell your friends or enemies.

The message may be heavy but medium’s kept light.
Alliterative meter with more rhymes than I might cite,
And though what’s said may hurt your head or poetry be flawed,
A fool is all you’ll find, please don’t condemn me as a fraud,
But try to read aloud somehow as sense and sound sinks in,
And soon enough you’ll grasp the stuff and want to read again.

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Big Myk said...

We can't wait. No doubt riches await.

Meanwhile, in case people are wondering, I have not yet abandoned my series on atonement. Unlike the regular installments of "An Enigma on Man," however, my "chapters" will continue to appear, like the third, "more mercurial" spirit in George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol, in their own good time.