Sunday, March 26, 2017

An Enigma on Man - Part 1, Verse 3

So we've seen how the notion of God changed with the rise of science and is often thought of now as an extension of science.

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Big Myk said...

"It is surely one of the curious paradoxes of history that science, which professionally has little to do with faith, owes its origins to an act of faith that the universe can be rationally interpreted, and that science today is sustained by that assumption.” Loren Eisley

"The true knowledge or science which exists nowhere but in the mind itself, has no other entity at all besides intelligibility; and therefore whatsoever is clearly intelligible, is absolutely true." Ralph J. Cudworth

"Entrapped in Being, we swear our truth by oath,
Like Alice, hand on head, to prove her growth." James Harvey

James R said...

Your prescience is remarkable as the next section will demonstrate.