Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Seems like everything we knew/were told about the Columbine shootings was false.


James R Harvey said...

You may be right, but there is a Gus Van Sant movie "Elephant" made in 2003 that seemed to capture what the article is saying fairly well. I personally did not care for the movie, but, as I remember, the duo were portrayed as fairly smart, cool and calculating...and had planned it for a long time.

james said...

Frankly, I was surprised to find out that the Jews were actually responsible and framed Harris and Klebold.

Sean Harvey said...

Was anyone else a little saddened by this? I thought that when Columbine happened it was the result of endless bullying and teasing, that it was two kids who were pushed too far, and they lashed back. It was something that clearly showed an example of the cause and effect of bullying, but when you take it all away, its just another psycho with little to no motive, except just being really angry. (sorry its late, and i've been doing logic Hw for the last 5 hours, so the verbosity of my post, is not up to par.)