Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pittsburgh Sports

What in the world is going on with Pittsburgh sports these days? The Bucs are 3 games over .500 (Adam LaRoche is hitting OVER .300 in April - which is not nearly as shocking as he is hitting OVER .200 in April), the pitching staff looks fantastic (lowest ERA in the majors); the Penguins are finally playing up the their potential (sorry Philly fans) and Steeler veterans are actually showing up to the practice field to begin preparing this year's defense of their Super Bowl victory. Obviously the Steelers have been quite successful over the past decade, but with the resurgence of the Penguins over the last couple years, and the Bucs looking downright good (well, at least not awful) this spring, is Pittsburgh experiencing some type of sports renaissance? (I didn't even mention Pitt basketball finally getting past the Sweet 16 and football getting to a bowl game this year)


Big Myk said...

As for the Pirates, I wouldn't be counting chickens just yet. There have been any number of promising springs in recent years which have turned into disappointing summers and embarrassing autumns.

james said...

PECOTA, a baseball statistics computer developed from alien technology, projects the Pirates will lose almost 100 games: