Friday, June 21, 2013

Organizational Salvation

The AMA of today votes and agrees
To treating over-eating as a weighty disease.
It is hoped that the scope of the illness regresses
As doctors seek health insurance successes.
A cure, I'm sure's but a discovery away:
A gene, or a screen curbing intake each day,
A drug with a hug to boost self-esteem
While solving by dissolving all cake and ice cream.
A fat-free operation for elimination of plump,
We'll crack this attack on humanity's rump.

For reliance on science is not just for facts,
But our path, here at last, now redemption is back.
Our sins can be lifted and shifted to sickness.
I believe this will save us, as God is my witness.
We can switch from that which destroys our excuses,
To a new one that excuses our gluts and abuses,
But cures all before we fall from the slippery, greasy weight that we chooses.


Big Myk said...

We can say that Faustus makes a choice, and that he is responsible for his choice, but there is in the play a suggestion—sometimes explicit, sometimes only dimly implicit—that Faustus comes to destruction not merely through his own actions but through the actions of a hostile cosmos that entraps him. In this sense, too, there is something of Everyman in Faustus. The story of Adam, for instance, insists on Adam's culpability; Adam, like Faustus, made himself, rather than God, the center of his existence. And yet, despite the traditional expositions, one cannot entirely suppress the commonsense response that if the Creator knew Adam would fall, the Creator rather than Adam is responsible for the fall; Adam ought to have been created of better stuff.

Sylvan Barnet, Doctor Faustus

James R said...

Your visionary comment revives my super sized sonnet. Ah, the good doctor, and good doctors everywhere. I wonder if a version of Faust is required reading before taking the Hippocratic oath? It would be instructive to learn Pete's ideas on the AMA's announcement. I also understand that organization must be considered in the largest sense of the word. Barnet pushes it to the cosmos.

James R said...

Here is another disease recognized by the AMA, for which there appears to be more entrapment by the cosmos and less responsibility by the victim.