Friday, July 5, 2013

That which we call a rose… — W. Shakespeare

We're on a video roll (real). I found EVERYTHING about this video unimaginable, from the fact that it is not supposed to be humor, to the fact that I'm posting it.

Full disclosure: I got this video referenced from the excellent site of Marginal Revolution which was recommended by the other James long ago. If you pay very close attention you will actually find Tyler Cowen, who authors the site, mentioned in the discussion. The whole thing is surreal.


Big Myk said...

You posted this because it is outrageous, so expressions of outrage add little.

If anything, this confirms my 7 billion people hypothesis: Odds are that, out a 7 billion people on the planet, you're going to find a few lunatics.

JohnMHarvey said...

I'd like to offer my insight on profiling people. As a museum employee, part of my job is to figure out what people are interested in and then alter the plantation tour to engage their interests. Having 30,000 people coming through your site each year can give you some insight into how to read people. While the manner in which people appear can give you some information (eg. a black family may want to hear how Africans were treated in the colony), the way people act is much more informative. To me, a tired person and an excited person are a million times more different than a nicely dressed fellow from the base and a grungy looking farmer type. So, someone's name can give you some insight into the person's background, but that is such a small part of who they are. Such information can be important to note when figuring out a person, but it most certainly isn't going to tell you a person's whole identity.