Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventures with Mary Worth

I recently found out from Renée that her brother, Michael, shared my passion for the Mary Worth comic strip.  So, when he came for an overnight visit on Friday, I took great pleasure  in introducing him to the Mary Worth blog, Mary Worth and Me.   It was difficult for him to contain his excitement.

Just to catch everyone up:  Charterstone resident Iris Beedle's nogoodnik son, Tommy, was recently released from prison where he was serving time for almost killing some college kid with bad meth.  Even though he claims that he found Jesus while in prison, he still refuses to get off the couch and find a job.  Another Charterstone resident, Wilbur Weston, who loves a good sandwich as much as anyone, has his eye on Iris, but hasn't made much headway.  He feels that, if he can help Iris get Tommy back on track, this might lead to romance.

And for the complete backstory, check out the Comics Cumudgeon here and be sure to check out all the links.   (you'll notice that the comic featured in the post is dated 9/29/13.  Glacial does not begin to describe the pace of this comic. Although the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette approves:  The Next Page: Every little thing she does).

Tommy before he went to prison.

Today's Installment


James R said...

Wow! This is like going for a walk in the woods, turning over a rock, and finding Faery Land underneath. Who knew there's a whole Mary Worth ecosystem? I wonder how many PhD dissertations have been written on Worth? It's pet rocks and Facebook, Polonius and wall paper all wrapped up in one glorious iconic metaphor. Nothing says sincerity and sarcasm like Mary Worth.

Big Myk said...

Yes, for those like Michael who have eyes to see, it's a rich and rewarding world.