Monday, July 4, 2011

We Just Travel in Small Circles and Other Stories (part 2)

The Stracken's lived across the street from us. I remember they had a purple candy dish in the vestibule. Whenever I went to their house Mrs. Stracken would always offer me some candy. They had some kids. Everyone in the neighborhood would play together.

When we moved to Pittsburgh, we met the Haddens and we became good friends. They lived across the street a few houses down. Belle Hadden was Scottish and her husband, Richard, was English. They met in the war when Mr. Hadden injured himself during a blackout and Belle was the nurse who took care of him.

We would have dinner at the Colony and one time the Haddens brought a good friend of theirs. He was the first person they knew when they moved to this country. As we were talking at dinner, I mentioned that I grew up in South Orange, NJ. So this friend of the Hadden's turns to me and says, "You're not that little red-headed Betty McDonough I use to play with as a kid, are you?!" It turns out he was Joe Stracken from across the street. What are the chances that would happen?

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