Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korea can't catch a break

Every country in the world—all 196 nations—failed to launch a rocket into space yesterday, but North Korea drew the short straw. A U.N. statement calls the North Korea's failure "deplorable". An open minded U.S. official, who apparently was done responding for the day, said "that, despite the launch's failure, 'It will not change our response.'"


Big Myk said...
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Big Myk said...

For another viewpoint: Why North Korea’s Rocket Mattered

James R said...

First, let me say I know next to nothing about North Korea and its political affairs with the rest of the world. Also, it is a decent article and takes a serious tone on North Korea's sordid political actions for the last 50 years. There may not be a more repressive government.

However, it fails miserably at undermining the ironic humor of my short post. I specifically refer to "Except for the invasion of the South in 1950, North Korea has never suffered a lasting or devastating penalty for its many attacks and provocations."

1. N. Korea's only "penalty" was a war of, who knows, 300,000 to 3,000,000 casualties, during which (added irony) Truman announced he was considering using nuclear weapons against the country. (I wonder why they are so intent on getting nuclear capabilities?)

2. The author seems to imply that countries which attack and provoke other countries typically suffer lasting and devastating penalties.

I'm not disputing (or affirming) the details or conclusions of the article, just disputing its lack of ironic humor.

Big Myk said...

Alas, the tragedy of the frequent lack of ironic humor in news reporting these days. We are no doubt the poorer for it.