Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Add-on to David vs Goliath

This is an email discussion between Gladwell and Bill Simmons (my all-time favorite sport's writer)


Big Myk said...

Looking over the email exchange between Simmons and Gladwell leads me to wonder whether these two smart guys might want to consider redirecting their talents. I mean, shouldn't their cleverness and brilliant insight and analysis be applied to something with a little more heft than sports? Like solving global warming or finding a cure for cancer? I've often thought the same about NPR's Bill Littlefield and Frank Deford.

Sure, the mental gynmastics of imagining the life and career of Larry Holmes had his 1973 self made its debut in 1988 are impressive, but is this the sort of thing we want great minds to spend their time pondering?

Peter H of Lebo said...

Wait, I thought Simmons and Gladwell article was a sports metaphor. An easy understandable metaphor on how to cure cancer, aids and global warming in a six punch Holmes method.

H-Housing greenhouse gases on Venus-she won't notice

O-outside air-conditioning


M-mouse gonads


S-Synergistic enhancers

Big Myk said...

Sorry, how did I ever miss that?