Friday, May 15, 2009

Protesting Obama

Are we at the point where we can start crying foul at Obama's policies? The re-opening of tribunals and the (endless?) war in Afghanistan are starting to worry me.


Big Myk said...

Well, Obama kinda promised us an endless war in Afghanistan. So, that at least is not a broken campaign promise.

Having said that, politics is the art of compromise, and you know that that is going to happen. Nobody did everything we wanted, not even FDR. Let's face it, Obama's closing Guantánamo and ending the torture of prisoners. If you want to start crying foul, consider the alternatives.

I'm more bothered by the fact that Obama sounds like he's settling for something less than universal health care coverage.

He seems to have accepted the principle of "path-dependence" -- that you must build a health care system on the structures you already have. That's fine, as far as it goes. But it must be universal. I want a No-Patient-Left-Behind bill.

JohnMHarvey said...

Things I'm disappointed in: the attempted block of the prisoner abuse photos by Obama and the "let's just forget about it and keep going" attitude they're taking towards the illegal nature of the previous administration. I don't care if the Dems end up looking spineless for not speaking up sooner. We need some justice. No one is above the rule of law.

I also want universal health care. There's no reason we shouldn't have it. There are some common sense things that can make health care more affordable. Our government already pays more per person for healthcare than any other country. We just need to bring costs down and we should be able to afford it with even less than what we're paying now.