Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry I haven't read or posted anything on here in a while, but they have really been looking for reasons to fire people at work.

On the same work I have been assigned a lot of work that requires me to freeze up my computer while moving stuff. As the stuff is moving I have found that pretty much all I can use on my computer is freecell.

I play over 2000 games in the last week and I started to wonder what the hardest freecell games were. Apparently I was not the only one. I looked up on the internet the hardest freecell games.

8591, 11982, 13007, 31465, and 31938 are rumored on the internet to be impossible.

These are supposed to be the hardest: 617, 1941, 25856, 11386, 8591, 7167, 12211, 25450, 19633, 20589, and 25995.

I figured I would share to any other fellow freecell players.

Let me know if you solve any of the ones rumored to be impossible.

Big Dave


Anonymous said...

I just managed to solve game 25995 ;) yet to try the rest

It wasn't that hard

Theresa Harvey said...

thanks big going to have jamie try one of the impossible ones and not tell him!