Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is Print Media Dying? Careful, It's a Trick Question.

This Graph Is Disastrous for Print and Great for Facebook—or the Opposite!


James R said...

That's incredibly interesting. I didn't read the whole slideshow, so I'm not sure how accurate the information is. Assuming it's fairly accurate, it leads me to believe we have quite different attitudes or moods when exposed to different media.

For print media we are relaxed and lingering—commuting or waiting, with time to spare. With the internet we are frantic to get as much done or see as much, as fast, as possible. Ads are a distraction. With TV, we are captive. If our attitudes change, i.e. if we ever browse the web or Facebook in a leisurely manner, with the amount of information Facebook knows about us, this $ARPU, it seems to me, could change drastically. But, then again, our attitudes may not change.

Big Myk said...

Well, my thinking about this was similar to yours but not quite the same. We notice print advertising because we are focused on the page that we are reading. It requires a lot more concentration to read an entire article than view a facebook page. It's not that people are more frantic when engaged in social media, but that viewing pictures or short comments requires less concentration, less commitment and, yes, less time than reading print.