Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Social media is making us more… tolerant

All this social media and the internet is definitely making us more something. Our activities have dramatically changed. Not since TV or the automobile has culture been so modified. I'm not sure it is making us more lonely, but I do think it is making us more tolerant. We are constantly confronted with characters we would never come across in real life—often a good thing. While I have spent years wondering how people could be so ignorant or so hopelessly non self-aware, I now just chalk it up to being a bit too high on their current 15-minute crisis. They will probably have a regretful hangover in the morning, but undoubtedly do it all again. On the other hand we are confronted by writers who are far better in their expression than we could ever hope to be. We end up being more tolerant of others and ourselves.

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