Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip to PA

Nice work Renee et al. I am assuming you will be using that hard earned money to take us out to dinner this coming weekend.

Megan, Jack and I are heading down to PA this Memorial Day weekend. We are taking our leisurely time, stopping and seeing many of the great sights along route 84 in CT and the PA turnpike. For Myk and Sue and anyone else in the Harrisburg region, we will probably be stopping in either Hershey, Harrisburg or Carlisle (depending on Jack's napping at the time) sometime in either late morning or early afternoon this Saturday. That's about as detailed as I can get. Maybe we will see you Saturday. (We will be in Pittsburgh Sat. night, Sunday and Monday)


James R said...

Fantastic! Will you be staying at your grandmother's house? The pros are there is plenty of room (and food), she would be thrilled to see Jackson (and you), the price is right. The cons are you will be sharing the space with a care giver (from 9 to 9), you can't be messy, and you will be hearing a lot of repetition.

Big Myk said...

Steve, as one who had the opportunity to stay at Mom's and did not, let me encourage you to stay there. Mom's caregivers will accommodate visitors, although you may have to adjust your schedule a bit to meet theirs.

I forget who the particular caregiver was that I spoke to, but she assured me that visitors are no problem for them. She also told me that Mom would have enjoyed it so much had I stayed there. As it was, the caregiver was putting in overtime past Mom's bedtime and Mom still wanted to stay up and talk (she also wanted another B & B).

Jim says this often enough, but it bears repeating. The best thing for Mom is conversation with another human being who is interested in what she has to say. Just covering the activities of the grandchildren will take most of the weekend (just a quick preview: she'll tell you about Kevin's trip to China and Kathleen's move to France).

As for visiting Harrisburg, come on ahead, but be forewarned that my son Tom, his fiancee and Sue's mom will all be in town for the weekend making preparations for Tom's wedding on June 2 that we will be hosting at the house. If you are game, we'll put you to work spreading mulch.

Big Myk said...

It shows you how carefully I read stuff. Somehow I got the idea that this was posted by Steve -- probably due to the fact that I knew Steve was planning on going to Pittsburgh over memorial day too. Anyway, Ted, You know who you are: eveything I said to Steve is equally applicable to you and Megan. Stop by if you can.

Ted said...

Originally we didn't want to put grandma out, so we thought we would put Pete and Lisa out instead. However, it sounds like grandma would like having us around (and besides, I am sure she really just wants to see Jack), so that sounds like it might work out. Myk, we will try and stop by for a quick visit on Saturday, my guess would be around lunch, but in true Harvey fashion, I really have no idea.

James R said...

By "true Harvey fashion" I first assumed you meant incredibly detailed, well thought out, but mindful of life's caprice or prominently practical with a keen sense of imagination and whimsy. That is how I would describe my family growing up—sort of an intelligent yet calm eye in life's storm.

However, there are so many distinctive Harvey members now that, perhaps, "true Harvey fashion" currently means diversity, i.e. "there are enough distinct individuals in our party, I can not predict which personality will prevail and when we will arrive.

Then, I realized that you meant the practical yet imaginative meaning of "true Harvey fashion" (see above definition), i.e. "we have kids that may disrupt even our best laid schedules."

Big Myk said...

The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men
Gang aft agley

-- Robert Burns