Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big Scarlet Fever Box and Other Stories

Judy lived across the street from us on Montague Place. Our house was 184 Montague Place. That was the house I was born in. All of us were born in the house. My mother hated hospitals. My grandparents, John F. McDonough, were right around the corner on Prospect St. He owned all the property to Tichenor Ave.

The Stanley's were from Seneca Falls in upstate New York where they lived on a farm. Their Aunt Mamie still lived there and used to send down cookies and the funny papers. I don't know why she sent the funny papers. Maybe she thought we didn't get them in So. Orange. Mrs. Stanley made the best bread I have ever tasted. It was wonderful. I don't know how she made it. I think she put potatoes in it.

When I was about six, I caught Scarlet Fever. My parents thought it was from going swimming at the YMCA. Judy's mother, Mrs. Stanley, sent me a big box with a lot of little presents in it. Each present was marked for when it should be opened. I would open a new present everyday. It gave me something to look forward to.

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