Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures at an Exposition - 2

Here's the picture. You need to supply the exposition.


James R said...

This one has everyone stumped. One more day.

Note that this is a great way to participate in the blog when you don't have the time or inclination to contribute full articles. It only takes a minute and a little imagination. Plus, it's fun.

James R said...

Well, I guess if there are no guesses, there is no reason to give the answer. I will say this. It is not the history of transportation from dirt path to super highway to high speed particle accelerator.

James R said...

OK, since there is some action on 3, I'd better give exposition here even though no offers were made. It is quite interesting.

Solar panels on a roof run alongside a motorway during the presentation of the first Belgian train to operate on solar energy. 16,000 solar cells were installed on the roof of the tunnel housing the high speed rail line running between Antwerp and Amsterdam.