Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pictures at an Exposition

The object of this whimsy is for you to provide 'exposition' for a picture. It can be a caption, a description, or any words which 'exhibits' your knowledge or imagination about the picture. Here is today's picture: (Have fun.)


James R said...

Hello? Anybody? Beuller?
Did I mention there is a prize of 500 box tops for the funniest caption and the best description of the picture.

For example:
"Nummmmber 3!" A SPUD game played with a giant, inflatable knapsack.

Renee said...

A giant foam backpack that Paul Bunyan dropped into a county fair.

Renee said...

A massive foam backpack that Paul Bunyan dropped on his way to meet Babe.

James R said...

Time's up!
We had no winner, so the box tops will be added to this week's prize of an authentic alternate replica jersey.

Here is the true exposition:
People at a football tournament in Oceanside, New York, run from an airborne inflatable bouncy castle after high winds sent it flying, scattering spectators and injuring 13 people, one critically.

James R said...

Wait! Renée's comment somehow was held up on its way through the internet, probably around that nasty congested area outside of Bechuanaland. But clearly it came within the time limit.

Therefore, Renée is the winner! Our panel of judges picked her answer for both the most imaginative answer and the one closest to reality.

Congrats Renée, you're box tops are in the mail.